Bodywork / wholistic healing

Anja is a holistic therapist and  certified Shiatsu Therapist, recognized by Swiss health insurance, EMR, ASCA, EGK. She treats people of any age and is specialized in working with children.

Shiatsu works with the human energy lines, the meridians. The Japanese word Shiatsu means “Fingerpressure” and finds its roots in the ancient traditional Chinese and Japanese health teachings. Shiatsu is mindful, perceptive and very effective bodywork which empowers the natural self healing process and dissolves blockages in energy flow. The aim of a shiatsu session is to stimulate free energy flow in the body, to harmonize and balance body, mind and soul.

Shiatsu is for anyone suffering from chronic pain such as headaches, backaches, menstrual problems or joint related issues. It is also a wonderful tool for personal development. The method is especially successful  for babies with colics or children with developmental issues. Parents are instructed how they can treat their kids at home.

A session takes 75mins and includes a conversation before and after the treatment.

Prices are CHF 120.00 for adults and CHF 80.00 for children for 60 Mins. (coverred by swiss health insurance).

For a session please contact me for an appointment or visit my website: